Pap results adenocarcinoma in situ

Hi all!  Last Friday I was called with the results of my pap exam. Adenocarcinoma in situ. I have always kept regular annual exams and have never even had a abnormal pap result. I am 35 with 3 children. About 3 months before my exam I started having heavy bleeding during periods. Other than that no symptoms. I am scared to death. Any advise out there?  I understand adeno is a rarer form of cervical cancer. I see the gyn oncologist Monday. I am hoping it is a early stage that is treatable. 

Hello Cwaren.  Sorry to have 'met' you in these circumstances. :-(  

Adenocarcinoma is found in about 15 - 20% of cases I believe.  It's harder to detect with smears as it starts further up the cervix, sometimes out of reach of the smear test, this is maybe why your previous smear tests have seemed ok.  This was the case for me also, however mine was not found by the smear test but rather confirmed by colposcopy.  It is treated in the same way as other forms of cc.  

Your Oncologist will confirm this for you and most likely you will have a MRI or CT scan to  determine the stage before they decide on a treatment plan for you.  

You will probably be entering the most worrying & stressful time of your life right now, with the waiting for scans, results etc, being almost unbearable at times. I found this website very helpful throughout this time, as most of the ladies on here have gone through similar experiences and will always be here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.  

God Bless 

Whilst this is very scary news! Please try not to worry. Carcinoma/Adenocarcinoma in Situ basically means it is not yet an invasive cancer (Stage Zero Cancer)

It is very treatable, some doctors call CIN3 or H-CGIN 'carcinoma in situ' also. At least this is my understanding from my own research.

I hope that makes you feel a little better x