Manchester/Cheshire support group?

Hi I’m really struggling since my all clear 2 years back, never actually knew I was till I sought help for my weight and went into a counselling session   I had a radical hyst plus chemo and radio as it had spread to my lymph nodes, I never had any help after treatment was done just got on with life but seems I’ve been carrying it with me, it’s a massive thing and I would love to get a support group started in my local area. Or even if anyone knows of any help out there, I’ve been left with radiation colitis too so have that to deal with. Be lovely to hear from anyone local 


hayley xx


Hi Hayley, 


I finished treatment on Monday. I live in North Manchester. I was like you, I had a radical hysterectomy with a lymph node involvement. I'm going to go for counselling, didn't think I would but it was strongly advised. I've started yoga already. Have you been to the Maggie Centre at Christie's? I find them amazing too. 


Happy to chat whenever. 

Natalie x 

Hi  I'm from North Manchester too (bury ). I finished treatment in Feb 2016 x