LLETZ tomorrow - positive stories?

Hi All, My LLETZ treatment is tomorrow - and I feel so so anxious regarding the procedure and how it will impact me. I’m really concerned on the psychological impacts on my sex life following - maybe silly but it’s what I’ve focused on as a great fear.

Does anyone have any nice stories / advice to share to help for tomorrow!

Hi @daniyx , I’ll be 5 weeks post LLETZ on Thursday so I’ll explain my experience:

I had the LLETZ under local anaesthetic for CIN3 , I went in they explained what it was they were going to do and I sat in the chair. They did 4 injections for the anaesthesia, each time she was going to inject she told me to cough. I won’t lie and it’s not to scare you but the first shot did hurt but by shot 3 I couldn’t feel it! I think everyone is different but you get a heavy feeling on your chest so just try and stay calm. (It helped me knowing about that otherwise I know I’d have panicked as I’m an anxious person).

They then put a sticky pad on my leg I think it’s to stop burning or something (not sure) then when they do the actual LLETZ they will most likely tell you when they are about to start and you will feel almost like pressure but no pain (difficult to explain).

I had no complications with the procedure it self and it was quick, obviously it’s never going to be a nice thing to go through but for me I think it went as well as it could!

In my first week I did get an infection but I rang my GP and they got me in and gave me antibiotics, you’ll know your body better than anyone so if you get any symptoms that isn’t normal for you, always best to call your GP!

I got my results 3 weeks later confirming they were just precancerous cells CIN3 and they’ve got everything, I have my next smear in 6 months to check everything is still ok!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope everything goes well and it’s as simple as possible! Your hot water bottle will be your bestfriend :joy:! Hopefully I’ve covered everything in terms of the procedure if you have any more questions though, let me know, the anticipation is always worse than the event x

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Thanks so much for replying; you’ve put my mind at ease. I’m terrible with needles, and it helped that I didn’t know they were going to inject me at colposcopy (I thought it would just be numbing gel HA!). I’ve got the use of gas and air and diazapam for the procedure so hopefully I’ll be too out of it to even know what’s going on.

I know the recovery is often the hardest part, I have always had vaginal infections so I predict this will be no different - happy to get it over with and be back on the road to recovery!

@daniyx yeah the recovery is a pain, the tiredness is what’s got me, I’ve read a lot of people feel like that after so that’s normal even though they don’t worn you about how tired you’ll feel days after! But just try and rest the best you can I suppose our bodies recover while we sleep!

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I had lletz for cgin about 14 months ago. I was sooo nervous for the procedure but for me,the procedure itself was fine,i felt no major pain throughout and it was easy to just go along with it untill it was over. The healing felt worse,felt really tired afterwards and needed a few days off work but after a couple of week’s i felt better. The not be able to have a bath for 6 weeks and no sex was annoying but just went along with it and it was soon over. Good luck for tomorrow :blush:

I also must add that i then had a follow up and it was negative for hpv and all clear :blush: