Informal Lets Meet - West Kent Area

Howdy folks,

I live in Tunbridge Wells and wondering if anyone would maybe like to meet up before Christmas in the west kent area ?

At this stage just trying to get an idea how many people would be interested and how about in November ? a cheapy bite to eat and drinks and chats :lol:

Mellissa xx

Me :smiley:

Come on girlies of Kent how about it ?

i would love to meet up,but get really shy at meeting new people,even tho i know you are all woud be great to meet the wonderful people who have supported me with this

love and hugs
steph x


I am really shy too but would love to meet up. I live about hour and half away from kent but would love to be involved too.

That would be lovely to see you - Don’t be shy - We are a friendly bunch :smiley:

How about a saturday afternoon meet ? any dates free in November ?


Bumpety bump bump -calling all kent and sussex ladies !!! x


I live in Maidstone, and would love to meet up with anyone else in the area.

Karen :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you all :smiley:

yaheey !!! go team jos xxx

Hey all

lets get the ball rolling on this Lets Meet for kent and sussex girlies !!

Hows november for everyone ??


I’m cool with that :smiley:

Marniemoo is up for meeting up too :smiley: any others fancy joining us ?

So far we have
Marnie &

Shall we set a date for November then ? I propose Saturday 21st what do you think ?

Am I a doughnut or what ?!?!?!?! I have only gone and suggested the only date I’m not available as I have a wedding to attend on that day :oops:


Has anything been organised about the Let’s Meet - West Kent area?

I’m not always able to access the internet at work so if anything has been organised I can be reached on my personal email address.

Please let us know if anything has been organised, it would be great to meet up.

Karen :smiley:


Anymore news on a date/venue/time for the Let’s Meet - West Kent?

Karen :?

Nudge nudge Mel :smiley: xxx

Hi girls,have we got a date yet for the meet?

love steph xxx


Any news???


Hey girls I don’t mind taking over the organising of this from Mel as I know she’s been busy of late (up to you Mel x) but I would need some suggestions as to where to go as I only moved to North Kent a year ago and I know very little of what’s hot and what’s not around the place.

So what dates are we free and where’s a good place to go ? Let me know and I’ll get on with sorting it out :smiley:

Hi Dee
not sure whats good in tunbridge wells area,but i can prob do any date xxx