Anyone meeting up before/after Lets Meet in B'ham??

Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies are meeting up either the Friday night/ Saturday before or after the Lets Meet this year???
I really want to meet up with some of you but as a 1a1-er, don’t really think the workshops are designed for me so don’t think I’ll go, but would love to meet you all. Anyone staying over??
I only live about 40mins from the venue so easy for me to meet.

Hi Higs,

I am meeting Lyndsey on the train and arranging to meet Julie (Jue) on the Friday night as we are staying over.
Not organised the exact details yet but do you want us to let you know?


Yeah, that be great. I know a couple of the other girls are interested in meeting on the Friday evening so be great if you could let us know.
J x

Hi Ladies :slight_smile:

I’m in if you keep us updated about the Friday evening!


Emma :slight_smile: