Hi ladies, 


I have spent last three days in hospital having a cardiac workup for my surgery. Was to go to today but have been cancelled and put into emergency board (So maybe tomorrow, maybe next day) as they run out of time. They have decided to put an illeostomy into me rather than colostomy as they want to save my large colon for later use if they need. My fistula is very large and unlikely to self resolve so it will require complex reconstructive surgery involving removal of the uterus and bowel resection. So they want to keep the large colon for further use. So I am going TO  have  the illeostomy for at least a year probably longer. They will unable to do the reconstructive surgery for at least a year or more as it is still too close to when i received the radiation. They will send me for hyperbaric treatment still once I recover from the surgery. But luckily I will no longer pass faecal fluid via the vagina but will pass mucous from large colon. Life will finally improve!! I can honestly say it has been horrendous.


Much love to you all xx



I am thinking of you. I was told that if a day at a time is too much then take a minute at a time and think, I got through the last minute, I'll get through the next. I've learnt a lot on this hell of a journey and one is to have faith in your medical team. 

You keep up the good fight brave lady. You have a crowd of us behind you wishing you well. 


Nat x 

You certainly do Bexter. We are all behind you wishing you on and hoping the op is very soon. Take it easy and stay in touch. Big hugs xx

Oh Bexter. what awful things you've had to tolerate. Really wishing you a speedy operation and recovery. 

Sue xx

Thanks Rachel and Nat! I can honestly say I never thought I would be so happy about the prospect of s stoma Laughing

Thanks Sue xx I have been thinking of you too xx

My Colorectal surgeon said she found 50 cases similar to mine and after the bypass 2 of those 50 cases spontaneously closed the fistula themselves after the bypass surgery, but she suspects they were significantly smaller than mine. The gynae onc doctors are also going to be present for the case so that they can do an EUA and maybe take biopsies at the same time.

Hi beautiful ladies,


I got a illeostomy put in 7 hours ago! Finally got through on emergency list after my scheduled operation got cancelled the night before. Even though I still have a big fistula there it feels better without all the fecal matter travelling through it. I will still get mucous as a normal bowel product. My pain at rest hasn't feel this good since before January. I cant believe it. I am so so so happy.  I get surgical pain on moving but I am going to try and have some endone before mobilising then hopefully I can walk to the toilet rather than be stuck in bed. The stoma has been the best decision (not that there was really a choice) ever for my pain.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Ah glad your op went well. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care x x

So, SO good to hear this Bexter! 

It's great that they got on and did it at the first sensible opportunity, now your innards & nethers can get a proper reprieve and it sounds as if they've stabilised your pain control too. Fantastic news! 

Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy and uneventful, uncomplicated recovery. It's about time the universe gave you a break I reckon. 

Big hug & good wishes. x

So good to hear some better news from you Bexter. and great that the pain has been relieved.. Onwards and upwards xx

Hi lovely ladies,

Slight speed bump yesterday when developed uncontrolled band of pain across abdomen and vomited 900ml. Bowels are a bit sleepy post anaesthetic and ended up with a bit of an obstruction. After a review from the doctors. They put a tube in my stoma to open it up a bit more as the bowel a bit tight there and ended up putting in a nasogastric tube to empty stomach contents Rubbish night....had pain couldn't get under control then abdo cramps then proceeded to vomit (three times) all food from lunch yesterday. They restarted my fluids and gave me antinausea. No sleep til after 6 am. Going back to sleep now if I can rest the bowel. 24 hours later finally feeling a bit better agsin and the central abdo pain and tenderness is starting to settle as the stoma begins functioning again. I will see how I go with the doctors today and see if they want to get nasogastric back out or whether they want to rest the gut another day. Really hoping they remove the cardiac monitoring today though. Will free up movement a bit more. Going to see physiotherapist and stomal ladies to learn some new skills thst will get me closer to going home.

Blimey Bec you certainly are going through it ! Things must get better for you soon.. sending love and healing vibes xx