I got my start date!

Glad you are feeling better today than last week. That’s good news! Two more days until the weekend and chill. You are smashing it!! xx

Glad to hear you’re coping well. Week 2 nearly done this time next week you’ll be half way there.

Keep posting :grinning:

Day 9 Radiotherapy

Well it’s not been a great day to be honest.
It started with a near toilet emergency on arrival. :boom::poop:
I barely and I mean barely made it. Thank goodness the hubby was with I me, I jumped out of the car without putting the handbrake on.
How I managed to keep enough fluid in my bladder I will never know!
The whole experience and embarrassment has just completely wiped me out emotionally. I slept for a few hours when I got home and woke up feeling sick.
Im struggling also to find something nice to drink. Sick of water and Ribena. I love milk but I dont think its hydrating enough and can go a bit yuk with an upset tummy.
TFI Friday tomorrow.
Sorry for the negative Nellie post today.

Sorry to hear about experience. I know it’s not the same thing but when I was admitted to hospital in March 2020 with abdominal pains they nurses gave me so much pain meds including buscopan. When I was admitted to the ward I had an overwhelming feeling to go :poop: but couldn’t get to the toilet in time. Long story short I was mortified and so apologetic to the nursing staff. They couldn’t have been nicer and said “we’ve seen it all before” don’t be so hard on yourself sweetie it happens to us all.
Just think tomorrow you will have finished week 2 yay!! :muscle::kissing_heart:

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Day 10 Radiotherapy 2 weeks done and dusted.

No bowel disasters today, justin ever so slight urgency when I got home.

Radio was quick as always and no bladder issues today. I definatley dont need to drink as much as some to fill my bladder and become quite good at feeling when it’s full but not bursting. I hope that continues!

Sickness has eased today,although I had a banging headache when I woke up.
TMI- loads of discharge now, sometimes stained pink? No fouls smell or anything. Radiographers say take it as a sign that the tumour is breaking down.

Weekend plans include a takeout and a glass of wine.
Have a good one ladies! Xx

Update for Radiotherapy Day 10.

Well… the Radioruns have well and truly hit!!

Eating immodium like smarties. Thank goodness it’s the weekend and I hope to gain control by Monday.
Off to have a scroll and read through on advice and tips for diet to try and slow this down.


Absolutely zapped this morning of energy. I got my shower and myself dressed.
My daughter hows to maths tutoring on a Saturday but I dont feel safe to leave the house so hubby taking her.
No cramps or anything just worried I guess.
Rest today I think

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Hi Shammy,

So sorry you’ve got the same bowel problems…. :pleading_face: All I can say is don’t be afraid to take the Imodium - I was a bit worried at first, but if the rads hits your bowel then it really hits it… I also found myself completely sapped of all strength. Different people’s bodies react in different ways. Basically you’re being poisoned big time, but for a good cause…. I hope it won’t be as bad as me, but I had to stick to very bland, non-fibrous foods and even so in the end I took a wheely bag with me to the hospital each day; 1) because I was too tired to carry my bags otherwise and 2) so I could put a change of underpants and trousers in it - in case I got caught short. I did, a few times. It’s not nice.

I count myself lucky all told, but I still, 8 months later, have regular morning accidents and have to take an Imodium. I ended up in ‘nappies’ as I called them (big incontinent pants) at the end of my treatment. But the thing is, the cancer was gone! It can be brutal, but it’s worth it to live. The discharge sounds awful but I guess that pesky tumour is getting blitzed even more than your bowels… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hang in there, Shammy - you’ll get through this. We’re all in there with you.


You are smashing it… hope the weekend has given you chance to recoupe
Ready for a new week kicking cancers ass.
You can do it :muscle: . . I can sympathise I have been through the chemoradiation coming up to a year post my final treatment. I feel lucky I escaped too many bowel issues. I do have an occasional bladder leak now n then.
Good look for the week positive energy being sent your way xx

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Hello can anyone tell me why I would be offered a round of chemo to start treatment I thought it would be chemo radiation I’m worried sick, I have my meeting tomorrow but the specialist nurse has tried to reassure me this morning by basically saying this xx

Hi dawnann62
That’s different to my treatment so I can’t advise that way, but the team will have discussed and felt that’s the best course of treatment for you.
Hope you’ve had the appointment and have more information now, so you feel better about it x

How are you doing this week, Shammy? X