Hrt oestrogen

Im through the menopause. But have persistent hpv. Had a smear 3 months ago then sent for a colposcopy. Said looked okay but will discuss at the mdt meeting.
Got the letter this morning saying they will do a colposcopy in a year. But advises me to take vagifem pessaries for 1-2 months before hand.
Apparently i have stenosis.

Has anyone else taken this??
And why is it advised?
I really dont want to… side effects are scary.
And i

Hi Fallmare

Vagifem pessaries are a topical oestrogen which acts locally and it’s my understanding that the amount of hormone that gets into your system is negligible. From what I’ve read and heard the side effects listed are not very relevant for topical oestrogen.

Topical oestrogen helps to relieve menopausal symptoms in the vagina such as dryness or irritation. This is known as ‘vaginal atrophy’ which is caused by a drop in the levels of oestrogen. I think Vagifem has been advised for you to help prevent or reduce discomfort you might experience during a colposcopy, especially as you have a stenosis.

However I’m not an expert and the above is my considered amd (partly) educated opinion.
I suggest the following website for reliable guidance regarding HRT:

I’ve been using a topical oestrogen product, Ovestin cream, for 3 years. It has helped a lot in alleviating my ‘down below’ discomfort and I’ve not had any adverse side effects so far. Ovestin was prescribed for me by one of my oncologists and also robustly advocated by a Urologist.


Hello jazza
Thankyou so very much for your message.
It really helped
Ive always struggled with colposcopies because im very small.
I was told a couple of years ago my cervix was thin.
I wasnt told why ive been advised to use this before the colposcopy, but you opened my eyes . Yes probably because of the stenosis and the scarring i have.
I will look further into it and see if theres a natural form of oestrogen maybe.
I understand what your saying about the negligible part.

Also thankyou for the link.
Hope you are ok x

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