Menopause side effects or something else?

Hi all

i had a radical hysterectomy in sept 2012 with ovary removal and have been taking elleste hrt 2 mg ever since.

Sorry for the graphic information....

last March I had some bleeding which was checked out by my consultant and had a follow up check up last sept where all looked ok.  Since then with greater and greater frequency (now weekly) I have had a small amount of bleeding which appears to be after bowel movements.  The blood is red so fresh and is upon wiping.  I suspect it is caused by cracking after passing a large number two and then wiping... I seem more tender down below now than before and my tissues seem more fragile and easily cracked this includes the vaginal area.  However, my cancer bug is rearing it's ugly head and I am worried.  I should add I had a gp appointment last month where the doctor had a good look at my bottom and rummage inside and had no concerns.

i would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience or has any advice.

thanks kirsty x

Hon I have had some bleeding like that and find that if I take stool softner medicine (lactulose?) and / or lots of dried fruit it really helps. Is that worth a try?


Molly xxx

Hi Kirsty

I can relate exactly to your symptoms and how you are feeling and the only difference I have not taken HRT.

Just before christmas i developed similar ( vaginal bleeding) and a more fragile sore feeling down below. I was due a check up in January anyway so after an anxious is it back ?? type of xmas I was relieved when the appointment came round.

I explained my symptoms strangely calm and can honestly say the doctors were fantastic checking me and used iodine and the colposcopy machines

to check for microscopic cells ( ouch !! that stung a bit)

I was taken aback a little bit as i hoped  to be told i was worried needlessly but they definetly took the symtoms seriously.

Much to my relief no recurrance showed up (whoop whoop) But they explained my bits are showing signs of atrophy (oh joy!!)

I have been prescibed a vaginal pessary which contains oesrogen which doc explained will be absorbed in the vault and hopefully my bleeding will cease.

Not sure as you are taking HRT whether it may help you but its worth asking

Best wishes


Thank you both so much for replying, it is reassuring to know I am not alone in this.  I will try the dried fruit and softener and also see about the pessaries.  I did get some prescribed when I saw the gp because I requested them to see if they improved things.  However she also gave me some other medicine to help soothe my bottom and one of them did not react at all well with me. I will try again!!!!!

i need to sort it because the bleeding scares me.

kirsty x