Hpv but 3 yearly smears?

My smear showed HPV+ and mild changes - colposcopy showed CIN 1, she took biopsies, and I just had results from it and it says “HPV changes only with no evidence of any cell changes.” It states my next smear will be in 3 years… Here in Wales, routine smears are every 5 years. Am I back in 3 years instead of 5 because of the HPV?

Hi emma6
If you look on the gov website it says what they are meant to do as after management for different CIN just make sure you read the right bit as it’s abit long.


Although it does say with treatment so not sure if these are protocols from lletz etc so Maybe double check with the gp or colposcopy clinic and ask them to make sure xx

Hi @emma6

"Individuals referred with low grade cytology

Individuals referred with low grade dyskaryosis or less and who have an adequate and normal colposcopic examination are at low risk of developing cervical cancer. These individuals are returned to community-based 3 year recall.

Individuals referred with a result of low grade dyskaryosis or less and who have a colposcopically low grade CIN1 or biopsy proven CIN1 should have a further screen at 12 months in the community.

Colposcopic biopsy at initial assessment is not essential to confirm or exclude low grade CIN."

As they took a biopsy from the area and the biopsy didnt reveal anything but inflammation (HPV changes) these arnt classed as a CIN as its just a sign that the virus is active within the cells but not causing any changes of signifance (CIN) so the colposcopy exam has been deemed adequate/normal, you will be on sooner recalls until you test negative/they class you as being negative then they will refer you back to the countries routine recalls xx