How long did you have to wait?


I was referred to the hospital about two weeks ago but only had my acknowledgment letter today.

I was told by the doctor that my appointment would classed as urgent.

I called the hospital and they said they hadn’t decided if I was urgent or non urgent list.

If I am on the urgent list then I would have to wait 8 weeks.

That seems excruciatingly long to wait.

The waiting is awful. What's your appointment for, a gynaecology referral? Have you had an abnormal smear result or is it because of symptoms?

YYes its a gynaecology appointment.  My smear came back clear but I have been bleeding in between periods so I've been referred.  

I've actually now been given my urgent appointment which is for fice weeks time. 


Five lol 

I was referred for an urgent appointment an got told i had to been seen within 2 weeks. My appointment is tomorrow. I have waited the 2 weeks and it has been horrendous. So can only imagine how you feel waiting 5 weeks. Hope everythings ok x