future fertility or another LLETZ?



I am 24 yo,  new to site but have been having problems for over 6 months following referral for PCB. Had mild dyskariosis, hHPV+ in october 13, colp in novermber- inconclusive biopsies so LLETZ (shallow apparently) in December 13. Repeat smear in early june showed mild dyskariosis and hHPV+ still. I went back to colp yesterday and was faced with the question of "were you hoping to have a family?"I said yes and my nurse looked a little worried, the lletz result before was not conclusive, so when my cervix was dyed again I was not surprised to see a small area of more abnormal cells within the old margin. I had more biopsies, some from within the cervical canal (ouch!!!). My colp nurse said that if the results are CIN1 or even the odd CIN2 changes they might have to leave them in as due to my shallow and very small cervix there isn't much room for them to take more and remain fertile. I obviously left feeling extremely worried baout the biopsy results but also where I go from here. I am happy with my OH but not been together more than 5 months, see a future but wanted to marry before the pressure of feeling like I am running out of time to have a family. Does anyone have any advice about whether to push ahead and risk the second LLETZ if they advise, or shoud I rush to have some children, or is there egg harvesting I could do? The situation will be discussed at MBT if my results are not mild enough as my colp nurse is concerned re fertility- I am very worried that children are not going to be an option for me even though everything seems so inconclusive, just because of a small cervix. Please help,

any advice or words of wisdom welcome,


Decisions decisions :(

Hi Vixibon,

Firstly your health is your priority - you can't risk your cells turning to cancer.

The nurse is probably worried about more LLETZ as it may increase the risk of miscarrage - because it may weaken the cervix - it would not stop you concieving - but may make carring a child to full term more complex. I think the nurse simply doesn't want to damage your cervix if it's uneccessary (CIN 1/2 can often fix itself with no intervention).

If you need more LLETZ, and your cervix is weakened, and you got pregnant, they would monitor your cervix during the early pregnancy, and if they were concerned they can put a stitch in place to support the baby in your womb.

So, having LLETZ will not stop you getting pregnant, and the nurse is legally obliged to make you aware that that procedure can lead to miscarrage - but if you're monitored that can be avoided too.


Hope that helps!


Lisagp x x


i had Lletz procedure for the 1st time 8 days ago due to a cin2 biopsy result. I really do want to have kids in my future (I am 26 and would like to try after next year). 

is there a risk of miscarriage even after one procedure? I hate to worry that I can't have children due to this procedure. I felt like the risks associated with this treatment were emphasised only if I had more than one treatment. I hope one treatment isn't going to affect my chance? As I don't feel like it was very clear at colposcopy. It's almost brushed over and I feel quite confused about it. Having children is important to me. Thanks, Jane xx