CIN2 after LLETZ and fertility concerns

Hi all,

I hope you’re well (as much as we can be in the present day and age!!)!

I haven’t been on here for years, but I’m back now as I’ve just received some news this morning: CIN2+HPV. I’ve had a LLETZ 6 years ago for CIN2 and have since been clear (including a clear smear test in January this year), but it’s back now.

I have a new partner who has recently found that he had a lesion on his penis and it turned out that this was also HPV-related and there is increased cancer risk for him. He has now had his foreskin removed to reduce risk – we have a follow-up appointment regarding this in November.

I’m worried that I will have to have another LLETZ because of the cell changes. My previous LLETZ 6 years ago and its aftermath were difficult experiences. Also, we are currently being referred for fertility treatment, and I am worried this diagnosis (and possible treatment) will impact this.

I am in a complicated situation, and I was hoping any of you may have some wisdom and/or experiences to share as I’m quite overwhelmed with all these medical problems at the moment.

Thank you and stay safe!


Did you get a second opinion from a doctor?



Hi HockeyMilk,

I've had a colposcopy last week - the consultant said it doesn't look as bad as the smear would suggest. Waiting for biopsy results now. Also still waiting on the fertility appt - my patience is really being tested, lol! Hope you're well! xx