Diagnosed 2 weeks ago, anxiety is through the roof!

Good evening all! So glad to have found such a great resource! I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (CIN3) with gland involvement and adenocarcinoma in situ extending to endocervical margin, multifocal (skip) lesions noted. The sample was from a large LEEP biopsy that I had August 30th. So.... I did what any other person has probably done and I turned to Google Scholar to understand exactly what that means. Probably not the best idea but I felt like I wanted to be prepared for the worst. I am 40 years old married with 2 kids. My gynocologist already told me I have to have a hysterectomy after I have a cold knife conization with endometrial sampling. That procedure is scheduled on October 12. The thing I am worried about is that my gyno kinda sugar coats things so that her patients wont become frightened. I just want to know what the expected biopsy results could be. Anyone have similar results that can weigh in? 

I think the reason I am trying to predict the future is because I am trying to exercise some degree of control. I do not want to be taken by surprise. (more than I already have) :)

Hi Michelle 

i know how overwhelmed you are but do take a deep breath and stay far away from Google as most if the information is outdated or wrong. 

so.... you had a leep and that came back CIN 3 for squamous cells and it was notes that skip leasion were found with the andenosqamous cells that they also found. 

Next step, is the cold knife and sampling. This is because they did not get clear margins and want to investigate further up to make sure there isn't another lesion hiding up inside your cervix. The doctor is making sure that before he goes ahead and performs a simple hysterectomy that nothing is up there that would require further investigation or a radical hysterectomy. This is very important because if there is something hiding up there and he goes ahead with a simple hysterectomy then he could possibly cut into it and there would be a higher risk of spread through the blood. 

Now, keep this in mind, 90% of the time a leep/lletz will resolve the issue, out of the 10% remaining it breaks down to %5 need another procedure and 5% are diagnosed with cc

so I would say you got a 50/50 chance it's cc. BUT..... !!!!!! Even if it does indeed come back as cancer it would be very early and there is a very high rate of cure. 

Hope the honesty helps and I didn't upset you more. 

Lolli888, thank you for the honesty! That is really what I  desire. The preparation for the possibility of being staged higher after my cold knife cone today gives me a sense of control which is a comfort. 

For some reason I have a feeling it will not stay in situ.