Confusing letter about MDT meeting

Hi everyone

im new hear and wanted to ask you ladies about a letter I have received as I’m very confused as to what it could mean. 

I had a smear test done and was told i needed to have a colposcopy. I went for the colposcopy and she took 4 biopsies and said I would get my results in 2 weeks. It had been 18 days and no news so I called the clinic and the lady I spoke to said that they have found severe abnormalities and my case is being sent to MDT next week then they will call me after the meeting. 

why I am concerned is I had no letter to state the results of colposcopy with cin2 or 3 mentioned for example just this letter I have recieved today which reads;

Dear miss xxxxx

we are writing to advise you that the results from your colposcopy have come back; these results need to be revised by our colposcopy team, which consists of a gynaecologist, cytologist and histopathologisf. We have enclosed a patient information leaflet explaining this in more detail (MDT leaflet). 

Our nurse colposcopists will contact you to advise you of the decision and any further plan of management. 

Please be reassured that there is nothing to worry about and we will contact you during the afternoon of the meeting. 

Yours sencerley


colposcopy co ordinator 


has any one else had a letter like this and if so what was the outcome? 


Thankyou everyone :) 

Can anyone help? X

Hi Hayley

Sorry I cannot be of much help but I just wanted to say please don't worry. If they had found anything serious they certainly wouldn't tell you that there was nothing to worry about. It could just be that they want you to have a lletz done to remove the abnormal cells they have found. Good luck xx

Hi Laura 

thankyou I am just worrying as I never had any letter to say what CIN it was or anything just the lady on the phone telling me they have found severe abnormalities. The meeting is not until next Monday the waiting is awful Xx

Anyone else had anything like this? X

Hi Hayley, I’m in the exact situation you were in last year now. 

Not sure if you still check this forum but if so, would you mind sharing your outcome? My MDT isnt for nearly a month!