Colposcopy biopsy results

Hi, I got the results of the biopsy I had taken at my colposcopy exam today. My smear test showed CIN2/3, the colposcopy showed CIN1?/2 but the biopsy showed CIN1 (phew). The letter said that as the results did not correlate, they would be discussed at a multi disciplinery team meeting. Does anyone know what this means? Will I need more tests?? 


Any by advice will be greatly appreciated

hi hun, basically the mdt meeting from what I gather from reading the posts on here just basically means that the doc who was dealt with you would like another doctors opinion. I think maybe this is due to the fact they don't usually treat CIN 1, they usually re-test in 6 months, but due to the fact your smear shown moderate / severe cells changes and on your colposcopy the doctor thought maybe CIN 1/2 but obviously your actual biopsy shows only CIN 1. I personally think your doctor will want to treat you by a lletz, but u think he wants another doctors opinion due to the fact they don't usually trest CIN 1 yet with your other results they all seem to be conflicting each other. Main thing is the biopsy result, so if that's CIN 1 then that's a good thing :) if I was you I'd be prepared to be told you will need a lletz to ensure all bad cells are gone. Hope your ok but try not to worry too much they will explain it all very soon I'm sure xxx