Hi all, 

After years if symptoms I was relieved to have my first ever smear test in November 18, results came back as low grade and positive for HPV. I was called in for coloscopy i attended the appointment and on screen white cells were present. They took a biopsy and I have just received my results that have said that no further treatment will be needed and to just continue with yearly smear tests. I suffer from anxiety and I still have a feeling that there should be more to this. If there were cells present why were my results of the biopsy fine? I have read on many people in the same situation as me but they have all had the cells removed. If any one could shed some light or share experiences I would be so great full. 

Many thanks 


Hi Aimee. My personal experience is a bit different you yours but I can share with you what I’ve learned through asking questions at my appointments and I’m sure someone more knowledgable will come along and share their experiences too.

Not all abnormal cells are dangerous. cell changes are usually graded from low to severe or CIN 1-3. With low or 1 they don’t have as much of a chance of becoming cancer as higher grade changes and it seems that the standard treatment is to monitor them, particularly in younger women.  A colposcopy is given for any changes if HPV is present. So although the cells were white when biopsied they may have either been non-pre-cancerous changes or changes at such a low level that a treatment is not needed as a yearly smear will be sufficient to check if they are becoming more abnormal. In Literature I received pre-appointment it said treatment is usually offered for cell changes moderate and above. sorry if that’s not clear but I would be reassured that the decision has been made following clear medical guidelines and that the doctors must be confident monitoring is the best route xx

That has made a lot more sense to me. Thank you x