Cone Biopsy Result

Hi, I have read lots of the threads which have helped me over the past year or so but hoping anyone can give advice. I first tested positive for hpv18 7 years ago and after no abnormal cell changes about 18 months ago I got low grade and 3 months ago it came back high grade cell changes as well as the hpv 18. Colposcopy always normal but an ECC showed CIN 2 so I had a biopsy. The results are back and show chronic cervicitis and hpv related inflammation plus squamous metaplasia and CIN 1, but it mentions the sample was irregular and it was difficult to be sure of cell changes due to the amount of inflammation. Part of me is very relieved with the result but still a little unsettled that the inflammation is hiding something …. If anyone has any suggestions or similar experience I would love to hear? I’ve been told to do a follow up hpv test and colposcopy in 6months. Thank you