Been referred to MDT, should i be worried

So i have been to colposcopy first was biopsy was told i had cin1, asked to come back and treat cervical ectropion, when i was there he put the dye on again this was 4 weeks later and said he was going do do another biopsy and treat is as cin2, i got the results last night and i have HPV only and referred to MDT meetings, should i be worried

Hi it sounds like we’re on a similar journey. My colposcopist told me she thought my changes were high grade back at the end of august, they came back as cin1 with inflammation. I’m booked in for another colposcopy to treat the ectropian next Thursday. To be honest, it’s not been feeling right ‘down there’ since the first colposcopy so I’m already prepared for them to say there’s something else going on too on a second look!

I think the fact that your results say hpv only is a real positive. But I think sometimes when the lab results are quite different to the colposcopist’s examination conclusions they take it to MDT as a precaution.

Good luck and do let me know the outcome!

Thank you for your reply, i thought HPV only qas a good result just worried as the the meetings,
Good luck for Thursday