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Hi I was diagnosed with cervical cancer September 2020 and had a radical hysterectomy nov 2020, all very traumatic as you can imagine and in lockdown, fast forward nearly two years to today and just had an appointment with my consultant regarding the results of my audit. Apparently when you have a cancer diagnosis an audit of previous smear test results is done. This has
shown that on my smear in 2017 abnormal cells were present but were not detected. I’m not really sure what to do with this information! Part of me feels like what’s happened has happened but the other part is thinking could this all have been avoided and surely that’s why we go for smears in the first place! My consultant said I could take things further and make a complaint but it could be very lengthy and bring back a lot of trauma but I do feel a bit miffed about the whole thing. The massive effect that this has had on my family and my mental and physical health could have possibly been prevented.
Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and looking for advice on where to go from here.

@Fiona47 exactly the same has happened to me, pre-cancer missed in 2017, cancer stage 1b2 discovered on my 2020 screening, following that I had everything whipped out in March 2021.

My audit result was ‘Unsatisfactory with Learning Points’ I’m waiting to hear what the learning points are and who will learn, so I suggest you ask what the outcome of your audit was and what will happen next!

Out of interest, where are you based and do you know where your screening was done? Mine was Derby.
I would be so interested to hear how many results are found to be wrong after an audit, such a difficult situation, I really feel for you, I’m so angry but want to channel that into helping things move forward.

I’ve spoke to Jo’s about adding a section onto the website if they deem necessary and I’m also speak to my consultant about what his department could do to help.

All the best xxx

Hi! Thank you for your response, I’m sorry you’ve had to go through what you have, sounds so similar.
I’m in Leicestershire. I’m not sure where the smear test was sent to but we are not that far from each other and it was the same time!
Since I last posted I have taken legal advice. My solicitor said I had a very good case and was keen to take things further but even just having the consultation brought back a lot of anxiety and stress so I haven’t taken things any further as yet. It’s really hard, as much as I feel I should do something and make the

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Wow, you are really close by, not sure of the screening for Leicestershire and where it goes but will be worth finding out.

Ask to see the outcome of your audit result, ‘Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory’ that will give you a clearer idea of what they found in your audit.

I shared my audit result with an expert from Jo’s via Ask the Expert and they were brilliant, they explained it in real English.
I’m happy to share mine with you to shed some light if you feel you want to, happy to face time or what’s app x

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Hi, I think I’ve had the same. I was diagnosed with stage 1b2 cervical cancer in 2021. I was told in November last year that when they have gone back to look at my smear from 2018 it actually shows high grade severe dyskaryosis even though it was reported at the time as normal. My consultant told me had it come back as abnormal it would have been a simple procedure to remove the cells not a radical hysterectomy. I feel so angry about it but also thankful that I am okay.