Abnormal Pap HPV 16&18

Hello Everyone!
I am new here & this looks to be a good place for support. A little on my current history. In September 2015 my Pap Smear test was abnormal and my HPV test was positive for high risk HPV (16 & 18 high risk strains which can lead to cervical cancer). I had another test after 6 months. My results were the same! Abnormal Pap/HR HPV ( 16 and 18).
After I received the final results and my doctor diagnosed me, I began to have a big depression and many sleepless nights wondering how to cure myself.
The doctor told me that she will be prescribed me treatment with some vaginal suppositories Cervugid and Isoprinosine tablets(antiviral against HPV). I’ve followed her advice and I started the treatment. Cervugid Ovules – 2 courses (each course done with 3 boxes). One ovule per night before sleep. Between courses I had break of 6 months. Isoprinosine tablets – one course with 3 boxes. 6 tablets/per day. The full treatment lasted about 8 months ended with a new set of medical tests (HPV test and Pap Smear test).
At the end of June this year I received a letter from the lab accompanied by Dr. diagnosis… HPV NEGATIVE and Pap Smear test came back to NORMAL.
I was shocked. After all I’ve been through now I’m cured.
I advise all women to go to make their medical tests and prevent any disease early.

This is good to hear. First smear 18 months ago showed high risk HPV but normal cells. All smears since have shown the same. Was told at 12 month mark by nurse I'd need treatment if it came back positive again but this hasn't happened. May have to discuss this with my GP. I'm currently back on to 12 monthly smears. A year to wait knowing I've not cleared the hpv in minimum 18 months is not pleasant!