6 years on.....

Hi all

I don’t come on very often anymore but I remember how important these posts are, when you have just been diagnosed or in the middle of treatment. Today marks the anniversary of being told I had cancer, 6 years ago.
It was a horrendous time, as many of you will know, but 6 years on, life is very good and very normal. I’ll always bear the scars, physical and emotional, and have some ongoing side effects with my bladder but cancer isn’t part of my life anymore, it’s just something that happened.
Life does return to a new normal and I have so much more appreciation for it. Hold on if you’re currently in the middle of it, it does get better and it does get easier.

Much love
Ali xx

Thanks for sharing Ali, I was a 1b too. How scary though having a suspected reoccurrance a year later and told not curable at that time. Xx

High five Ali! :-)

I'm just a year ahead of you, so just turned seven :-)

Stay lucky :-)