30 years after treatment

I was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer back in 1990. It definitely left its mark but I’m relieved that I survived. The only thing is that I thought I’d got a handle on the post treatment effects and now, after all of these years, I’ve started having the most awful, painful episodes with my stomach. I was eventually sent for a SeCAT scan and apparently have serious bile acid malabsorption which means I have to take medication every day to manage that. Despite taking this medication I still have episodes when my stomach feels really bloated and painful and I’m violently sick for a few hours.
Any help would be really appreciated. I’m really struggling. Thank you

Hi Flying2278 and welcome

Good to hear you are a 30 year cc survivor but sorry about your late post treatment effects. I’m assuming your treatment included radiotherapy? I’m about 5.5 years post treatment (RH + chemo-radio) and have some ongoing gut problems albeit nothing too bothersome and I’ve generally managed by modifying my diet and managing stress.

If you’re not already aware I thought you might like to know about the Pelvic Radiation Disease Association; I’ve learnt some useful tips from them. The PRDA have a forum on the Health Unlocked website where there are a lot of shared experiences about post radiotherapy gut issues.





Hi Jazza, thank you so much for those links. Yes, I had radiation therapy externally and internally. Back in those days the technology though successful was a little bit less focused. I’ve really modified my diet going to lower saturated fats and cutting out high fibre foods because they’re both strong triggers for an episode. Hopefully those sources you’ve given me will help even more. Thank you again :relaxed:X