1.5 years in remission and sudden heavy and painful periods

It’s been 15 months since my stage 1a1 was removed. I had a LLETZ first then a more invasive LLETZ under GA. My 1 year check up was clear though. I’ve been feeling a bit on edge the last few months though as 1) been noticing some yellow discharge (which in hindsight I had badly before diagnosis and not after surgery so now wondering if that was a sign) and 2) my periods are now longer, brighter red and getting more painful each month. This month I actually feel like I’m early labour and have to almost breath through it and I not used to this. My periods were always 2-3 days and painless, then a bit painful after LLETZ but each month gets noticeably worse and it’s really affecting my day to day life at that time of the month.

Would these period issues be a sign there could be trouble again? My next check up is August, so not too far, but I’m back in that worried frame of mind and of course I had to come straight here where you all understand!

Would you mind saying how old you are, Lydiasm? I can imagine you’re worried - as is anyone who has had cancer…

Sorry that would have been helpful. I’m 38. I did wonder if it were menopause related but I’m maybe (??!) a bit young for it to be that?!

Yes, it would be a bit young for perimenopause - it sounds to me like you’ve got some sort of pelvic inflammation, as it’s so painful - have you talked to your doctor about this? I wouldn’t wait until August and to be honest I would be surprised if it was related to the cancer. I think someone should take a look at you - i.e. you should get an appointment. When you’ve always had light periods this shouldn’t be happening. X

Hi all, revisiting this thread. I haven’t done anything about this since I posted but in the last few days I have had some bleeding (my period was about 10 days ago so not that) which is unusual. I have done a lot of walking this weekend and both days after a big walk I have bled a bit and I never ever get bleeding or spotting in between periods. I’m starting to panic a bit and know I need to get checked out. Do I ring and ask for a smear or do I speak to a GP? I have a gut feeling something isn’t right.

Do you not have a care team that were assigned to you for your cancer treatment? They should really be the team to take this forward - I agree you need to get checked out. If you don’t have any contact details, you should be able to ask your GP team to refer you back to them. I hope you can get someone to check this out as soon as possible. X

I did have a CNS assigned back at the time but I never actually met her due to covid. No one ever said what to do if I was worried so I guess Gp should be first port of call. I will try and get hold of them this week and ask what they think.