Still no period 8 weeks after LLETZ

I'm new here so sorry if this is the wrong place, just started to feel a tad confused and worrying slightly. 


My previous period was from the 25th-28th May. I then had the LLETZ procedure performed on the 29th May. It has now been just over 8 weeks and I'm yet to have another period. 

Beginning of last week (9th - 11th July) I did experience some very brown, very watery, on and off "discharge" and so I naturally assumed it was the beginning of my cycle and my period would follow... except it didn't. It completely stopped and has been over a week now (19th) and I haven't had the tiniest sign of anything since. 

I've tried googling for hours and can't find anywhere or anything similar. All I'm reading is that the procedure shouldn't affect your menstrual cycle (I'm always regular and to the day) so have no idea for the cause of no period for 8 weeks+. 

Any help, advice or experiences would be extremely appreciated! Thank you :-) x