Your story

Hi i was wondering what your story was? Your first symptoms, how you were treated, what procedures were done? at what point was the word cancer used? Was your diagnosis difficult? Did people belive your symptoms? Were you ever kept in the dark until your consultant was certain? Where any of your symptoms different to the standard symtpom list?  Thanks for sharing your story.

Why are you asking all this? What's YOUR story? Is there something worrying you?


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I had a watery discharge before i  got diagnosed, Not bad just normal changed 

Why? Cancer is not a secret society, women all around Britain will be affected by the programme. My god don;t let us all down now Sorry about mistakes no facility to change.

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Thanks for your message. My apologies if my previous post caused any concerns but at Jo’s we find it extremely important to create a safe space for women affected by cervical cancer to talk through their experiences and concerns without feeling like they are being watched by journalists. 

We have a very active communications team who go to great lengths to get stories about cervical cancer out in the public and we just ask that journalists contact them directly. We are always looking for new case studies, so do contact our communications team if you would like to tell your story, their email is 

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