You Will Hear In Three Weeks... Worried

Good afternoon All, 

I’m new here and would appreciate all your help and thoughts. 

My background is first smear age 25, high grade had a biopsy taken and Cin3 was removed with LLETZ. 


Three years later... 

I went for a smear on the 26th June this year, I had in my head I needed to go in May even though I had not recieved a letter, As it was three years ago when I had the treatment. 

When I went for my smear the nurse said I wasn’t due till Jan 2019 as this is when I got the follow up results. Silly me! However I asked her to please do one as I don’t have regular periods, so she agreed! 

She advised It would take 3-4 weeks to come back, it actually took 4 weeks and 4 days. 

I recieved the letter on a Friday with low grade and the hospital letter for my colposcopy appointment arrived Saturday Morning for 8 days later. (Quick)

Different hospital to when I had my first colposcopy and couldn’t I tell! 

she confirmed it was not low grade but high grade and took 2 biopsies. However she did not say this to me she was talking it through to a student nurse and the 2 other nurses was talking to me as I said I don’t want to look at the screen or know what you are doing.

All she said to me was you’re done & my results would be back in three weeks!!! And she went and sat down at her computer typing away 

I went to sit down next to her after so she could tell me her findings but the nurse said you can go now before my bum even hit the seat. It wasn’t like this last time she sat me down and talk through everything. 

Now now I feel stupid that I didn’t ask any questions. 

I think I was just in shock from what I heard her telling the student nurse. That it had developed and changed over the 4/5 weeks since my smear. The cell change was in a few areas on my cervix. 

And now I’m going out of my mind!! 

I have spent this week going through the forum looking at peoples waiting time on biopsies! 

The usual looks like it takes 6/8 weeks and the NHS website says this also. But she said three weeks...


The other concern is I am starting a new job next month and I haven’t told them. 

I’m hoping it’s high grade and I have another LLETZ treatment and I’m off for one day but what if it’s worse case and it means more time away from work. 

I know i don’t have no legal obligation to tell me but.. 

I don’t like having time off never mind in a new job doesn’t look good does it!! 

Please share your experiences 

looking forward to hearing from you all! 

Thank you 



I got my letter just over 3 weeks after my smear saying I had high grade, that was Thursday and yesterday I got my letter for my colposcopy which is this Tuesday! took me by surprise being so quick. It says in my info booklet that biopsy results typically take 4 weeks. I am going on holiday in 3 and a half weeks so I am worried about that now too.

Sounds like you were rushed in and out! Did you get a consultation prior to the Colposcopy? 

I haven't been in my job very long either so I am hoping they will be understanding for time off etc