"You have cervical cancer"

Hi everyone.

I’m Shannon and im 34 years old. Yesterday i heard those dreaded words “it’s not good news, you have cervical cancer.” Im in shock, upset and angry at this statement but i know nothing can change what is done. I now have to face a new reality.

I had an abnormal smear 3 years ago with boarderline changes and HPV + but was referred back for 3 yearly smear tests. I started with symptoms in Feb 2021 and was undergoing investigations in June 2021 but was missed for a 3 monthly follow up by the hospital and my scheduled smear in May 2022 detected high grade CIN 2-3 and HPV+. I had a LETTZ procedure and grade 1B cervical cancer has been detected but i am now awaiting appointments for a CT and MRI scan to confirm stage and await a treatment plan. I am so scared! I keep getting waves of “I can beat this!” To “Is this a death sentence?”.

I have 2 young children aged 10 and 7, I have not told them yet and i am awaiting full diagnosis before I begin to even think about finding an easy and understandable way to tell them that mummy is really poorly.

I suppose all i am looking for is so help, guidance and reassurance that i have a fighting chance so i can see my kids grow up as i’m sure they would turn feral if it was left to my husband to care for them! Lol x

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Hi Shannon. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Although I’m much older than you (60) I understand what you are going through. I also was diagnosed and I am scheduled for radical hysterectomy in July. I’m a wreck.

From what I’ve been told, just take 1 day at a time and stay positive. Easier said than done I know, but you got this!

Please keep me updated on your journey. I understand being a young mother you have so much to live for. Your strong and you can do whatever is put in front of you

Prayers and hugs,

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Thank you so much for your reply. It is such a whirlwind at the moment. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis too! I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday morning. Im sure i will come to terms with it when i have the full picture.

Im sure you will be absolutely fine with your operation, such a scary time but also reassuring that that was an option for you. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis too. You are in my thoughts for the run up and recovery from your surgery and treatment.

I will be sure to keep you update, please let me know how you are getting on too.

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Hi Shannon,

I’m sorry that you are finding yourself here. I heard the dreaded words about a month ago too. I’m 28 so a similar age to you. The waiting it’s definitely the toughest part and the first few weeks are the hardest. Stage 1 is good news. You will beat this and you will be fine. Please tell yourself this but I know it’s difficult. I am having one of the more “negative” days myself today. I’m here if you need to have a chat xx

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Thank you so much Jodie. I am so sorry that you are also going through this at such a young age, but surely that has to be one positive note that we have age on our side and no other health ailments. It is so scary and so hard to remain strong and positive when it is a fight for survival. My consultant stated that it is only a provisional stage 1 and can not confirm until all my tests and scan results are back as may have to be changed. I’m just trying to trust the process and the experts as this is something they do every day xx

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I had this about a year ago now so understand how you’re feeling. My cancer nurse told me that although your grading can be upgraded, there is also a chance of it being downgraded once all the tests are done. No point obsessing about it yet. Just take one day at a time. Once you know the stage and have a plan in place, you will feel much better. Your mind will naturally start thinking of the worst case scenario. One thing that helped me was to instead think about the most likely outcome. The emotional side of it is worse then the physical in my experience. You’ll be fine! Xx


Thank you so much for your reply! This is the reply and news that i needed! You hear the C word and it scares the life out of you and automatically think the prognosis is not going to be good. You have put my mind at ease so much! Hope you are fully treated now and have the all clear xx

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It is scary at first but you’ll get your head round it. Mine was treated with two lletz in the end and I’ve now had all clear for a year so feeling much better about it. Waiting for your results is the worst part so look after yourself. I had counselling to help me through it and it was great. I would recommend. Lots of love. You’re going to be fine, xx

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