Yikes, My Panic & Fear back on

Hi everyone,

I posted a few weeks back re my smear test coming back as Andeocarinoma cancer ( I freak out) and so the tests began.

I had a MRI and CT scans, which came back all clear, however they did not give me the official word on that, just that they were waiting on the final report but my Dr did say that she took a look at them and it looked good to her.

I then had 4 small punch biopsies which came back all clear but a second swab taken at the time, again came back as Andeocarinoma cancer.

So then I had a Cone biopsy done under GA.

Then 2 weeks later my Doctor told me the following over the phone:

The cone biopsy was too hard to interrupt (?!).
However it looks to be severe pre cancer cells- well that was a big Yay for me!!!- as I had thought the very WORST and worried myself so very silly.
The Dr then stated they are getting a second opinion on the cone biopsy tissue and further consulting will be done and I will hear from her in a week or so. She did add that she will be wanting to do a vaginal hysterectomy on me and wanted me to think about this before I met with her again. And that is all that I had been told.

Anyway I have heard nothing for 3 weeks and a half, I had pushed all my fears and worries aside as she had told me the words: pre-cancer and I guess friends and family have also said to me that a hysterectomy would be just a precaution measure and then I would not have to worry that it will grow or come back.

Until today- when i finally get a call from my Doctors Assistant saying I need to go for bloods for tumor markers?!? and then to see my Doctor at the hospital next Tuesday to discuss the treatment.

Question, shouldn’t they have already done Tumor markers before hand when they sent me for bloods etc earlier, on 2 occasions ?
( I live in N.Z ) the Assistant then tells me I might have to have the hysterectomy in my town but only if I am a low risk or low grade- but if I’m high risk/grade then I will need to go to Auckland for treatment by the oncologist.

I guess I just needed to rant to someone- this site has been a big help so I came here to rant ( SORRY ) The words Tumor markers has FREAKED me out as no one has said anything to me about tumors until now- it makes me think have they kept things from me?

And I’m feeling really confused and those fears are washing over me again along with the tears. I guess I will find out the full picture on Tuesday

Thanks for your time and I’m wishing all of us the best of luck out there x

Hey Sarah :-)

Can I say first of all that with all these biopsies and what-have-you you have had done, and the fact that the results are still an ambiguous borderline between severe pre-cancer and adenocarcinoma itself, then if you do actually have a tumour it must be tiny in the extreme!

I have to say I'm a little surprised that they didn't already check your bloods for tumour markers, though apparently the antigens commonly found with cervical cancer are not specific to cervical cancer if that makes any sense at all.

The long and short of it is that what you have is very, very treatable.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli :) hope all is great with you and hope all is fab in your lovely Greek paradise :) 

Thanks for your words- I just heard the word tumor and lost my mind alittle, coupled with I was suprised that they hadn't screened for it before now. And a voice pops in my head and says are they telling me everything etc. Thanks for your post my heads back on straight.

Off to have the bloods done today so all ready for my hospital visit on Tuesday. 

I found out on the bloods form what makers are listed and are looking for

CEA  Colorectal cancers ** Breast, lung, gastric, pancreatic, bladder, kidney, thyroid, head & neck, cervical, ovarian, liver, lymphoma, melanoma

CA 125  Ovarian cancer** breast, colorectal, uterine, cervical, pancreas, liver, lung

CA 19-9   Pancreas** and colorectal, liver, stomach and biliary tree cancers

Yup! Those are the three I would have expected, though I've never before seen a list of what cancers they mark. That is extremely interesting because now I understand why I didn't continue to be tested for all three following my treatment.

The sun is shining today and I think I will do some heavy gardening ;-)

Be lucky :-)