Yesterdays Lletz experience.. :)


Hello All,

 Yesterday I finally had the Lletz treatment i was so very much dreading,however, yesterday morning before my treatment i decided to get over it and give myself a small measure of tough love!

I had been diagnosed with CIN2- I wasn't dying, I had no symptoms, my everyday life has been unchanged since this diagnosis a couple of months ago. 

So if anything, it's just a little annoyance, a little thing called CIN2 (which sounds like a star wars character) isn't going to take control of my thoughts and body anytime soon!

Of course it did take over my thoughts for a little while- so I spoke to my doctor who happens to be awesome- I said I was really uneasy and I was a bit of a wreck during my last colposcopy and her reply was "it not nice, but its got to be done" she prescribed my with some diazipan to take to the edge of my nerves and sent me on my way.


Coming back to yesterdays treatment... 

- I took the diazepan and some paractamol before I went in (i didn't think the diazepan did much but I literally didn't stop chatting thoughout the whole proceedure!)

- I took an eye pillow which really helped as I don't like looking at the hospital ceiling even if it does have a couple of stick on butterflies.

- My boyfriend came to hold my hand.

All in all I hardly felt a thing and I geniunely feel its because I was relaxed and decided that having the cells removed is actually a really good thing.

I decided to book today off work too just to take it easy-but I feel fine just have a bit of a dull period pain like ache but us women are made of the tough stuff so its not really a problem. 

Now I am going to do some baking and watch a movie and enjoy my little extra day off this week! 


if this can make one person feel a little less scared of the whole thing it was worth me writing it! 

















Ty so much Lauren I have mine done Monday under general and im so scares of the bleeding its really sending me down in dumps x