Yellowish discharge

Dear Ladies,

I need some advice from you. I had my Lletz procedure at the end of August 2013 and since then developed yellowish discharge with no odour. It is three months after my operation and I still get the discharge. Have been to GP twice already and they just tell that it is thrush but it is yellowish and I tried few drugs, it doesn't go away. Had my MRI more than a week ago and haven't heard from them still So feel very nervous. Does anybody else have such discharge? I guess my main question is whether it can be cancer coming back so quickly:( any advice is appreciated xxxx



Hi Jelena,

Seems like we always have something to worry about doesn't it.  Firstly, I certainly wouldn't think that the cancer would come back that quick but can understand how you feel like that, every pain we have makes us think that way.  I had discharge for a while and was diagnosed with thrush and told to use a single Canestan pessary which cleared it up.  I note you said that there is no odour which is a good thing.

My advice would be to phone your CNS and talk it through with her and you could also ask when you are likely to hear your MRI results.  It's my guess you will hear this week anyway but yet again the waiting is awful.  Give the CNS a ring and hopefully it will put your mind at rest a bit.

Hugs, Cheryl,x

Hi Cheryl,

thank you so much sweetie xxxx you put my mind at rest xxx I have contacted my CNS on Friday morning regarding results and this discharge and she just said that there is no indication of results and that discharge should be ok as long as there is no odour. later that day however, while I was in a meeting at work someone called me from the "no identified caller"... It usually tend to be hospital calls, I was so upset as you would imagine and thought about the worst ... Hate these calls on Friday afternoon leaving you in total frustration for the weekend... So will call them tomorrow morning as you suggested xxxx anyway enough of me moaning:) hope you are feeling fine, Cheryl! Thank so much for all the support xxxxx lots of hugs xxxx

Hi Jelena

I was told too that discharge is fine as long as there is no odour.  Know what you mean about those phone calls - I have felt exactly the same when they have come up!!  The way I look at it is if it had been anything that important they would have tried again.  Hope you get some answers tomorrow morning.

I am ok thanks, just want the next few months to speed by so we can start feeling normal again!  Never was known for my patience!!!!

Thank you so much for yopur support too, it really does help knowing people are there for you doesn't

Love & hugs,xxxx


tell me about being patient:)))) I  used to be such a control freak, planning always and everything- taking a day at a time is a real challenge for someone like me:) I don't know if we ever truly manage to go back to normal but I am pretty sure we will find a new normal and things will get easier;) thinking of you lots xxxxxx