YELLOW discharge, normal or not? HELP

Hi all, posting once more. Ever since my diagnosis of HPV back in June 2018, or maybe a month prior to that (as far as I can remember) I have been having yellow discharge EVERY single day. After all the ordeal of smears and colposcopies (2 smears and 2 colposcopies with biopsies) I am still having this heavy yellow discharge. Sometimes it's heavier that other days but it is constant and has no odor at all. Apart from that I have no itching or burning. At the beginning I was told I had vaginosis and I have taken many courses of antibiotics last year and did nothing. The first gynae that took my first biopsy said I had an ectropion and that's why I had constant discharge because the cells are different and ph is different. But all the other gynae I have seen have told me that it is my natural discharge, that some women produce more than others and that I they aren't concerned. 

However I know my vagina and I know what is normal or not. Before I was diagnosed with high risk hpv and cin1 I did not have this much yellow discharge and it was mostly white before. Also after my diagnosis I had sex with a guy around august and the day after the discharge was even worse. Pure yellow discharge and itching and other symptoms. I got tested for all other STDs and everything came back fine. So after a while it regressed to "normal" discharge (meaning yellow and sometimes thick, sometimes watery) 

I'm just so tired of this constant discharge. I have to wear liners all day long and change up to 4-5 times per day. It's miserable and this last gynae that took my biopsy said she didn't think anything of it and that some women are just physiologically like that. 

I'm just wondering if this yellow discharge, considering I have chronic cervicitis as well (and gynaes don't seem to know why) are due to the HPV itself? I know they say there are no symptoms but this is just strange and I can only link it to that. I'm currently waiting for my last biopsy results and I'm petrified the cells may have gotten worse over this last year since the redness is still in my cervix (friable) and the discharge doesn't go away no matter what I do. I have tried probiotics and many other things and it keeps there.

I really need some advice!!! Please!