yearly smear

hi ladies back again.

Joined here 2 years ago after having abnormal smear which turned out to be severe dyskayosis and needed Lletz treatment...

anyway had a clear smear 6 months later, another clear 6 months later and now its been a year so have had another smear this morning.

The nurse said she could see my cervix very clearly and could even see where id had the Lletz treatment 2 years ago.

I asked her if it looked "normal" she said it looks like its meant to, but then i asked if there was anything wrong would she be able to see it?? and she said no...

so now im just worrying myself silly, i always thought if there was anything, she would be able to see today while performing the smear ?


Hi Twinkle

I can understand all the anxious feelings that you can experience when you're having a check. The nurse can't see if there's any abnormality when doing the smear. Well, if there was something obvious like a polyp or sore area she'd possibly see that. It's good that it looks like it should, and that she is able to see everything ok after LLETZ.

When they take the smear they sweep the cells using a special brush from a part of the cervix called the transformation zone. This is where they are most likely to pick up cells that are abnormal (if there are any).

Most women are successfully treated with LLETZ and you've had two clear smeas already, so that's good. Hopefully this result will also be normal, although I'm sure the waiting won't be easy, as that's usually the hardest part. 

Hope this is helpful, take care x

thanks for replying, i just hate this waiting part and wondering if everythong ok or not, doesnt help that im hormonal after having a baby 3 months ago xx