Yearly smear test


As i was diagnosed with stage 1 CC in 2014, I am still attending yearly smear tests. All come back clear previously, I had one today and I bled for a good 5 hrs after just spotting but this has never happened before. The nurse said it’s probably from the lletz treatments id had.... but that was 4yrs ago... surely this isn’t the case? I started spotting inbeteeen my last period so now feeling a bit stressed and paraniod. Am I just overeacting? has anyone else been been clear for years for it to come back? Xx

Hi there. I’ve been searching the forum for something similar to my experience and I came across you! 

I also had stage 1 CC confirmed that was removed by LLETZ in July 2016 following an abnormal smear of CIN3,high grade changes. I’m still on 6 monthly check up and HPV positive. I had colposcopy yesterday first thing where they also took a smear. This evening I’ve noticed I’m bleeding and now have a stomach ache too. I have never bled after a smear and am slightly concerned! Also find it odd how it’s inky just started. 

Did it stop quickly for you or did you have any more issues? 

Thank you

Not sure if I pressed reply or not so please see below for my response to your message :-)