yearly smear test...worrying

Hi Guys,

I have been here before, I am going in for my yearly smear today. The last two I have not been worried about but this one I am.

I have been on the Mirena Coil for 3 years now and do not have periods. Over the last couple of weeks, I have had the odd cramp and some discharge, I also suffer with recurrent UTI infections - so I chalked the bleeding whilst wiping to a UTI - however i wasn’t in any pain or discomfort.

Does anybody else know if this could be abnormal cells again (I had LLETZ done 3 years ago to remove CIN3 cells)? or could it be something else? It took a yr and a half to get any answers last time so I’m really hoping it’s nothing.

Thanks in advance

Hey hun. 

Sorry i dont have an answer for your question other than just to be positive! i know its easier said than done but it is the best way. 


Have you heard anything back about your most recent smear yet? Or are you still waiting?