Yearly smear test and worried about results

I got diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer 1 1/2 years ago

i had 2 previous smear test done (25&28 years old) and they came back normal but when I was diagnosed with it they went back through my previous smear test (a new thing they doing)and it turned out that both of the ones I had before had actually showed abnormalities on both.

1 1/2 years I got diagnosed with cervical cancer, i had my yearly smear test last week and think it may have come back again as getting a lot of the same symptoms again but worried that they will miss it again.


Hi Jodie :-)

That all sounds a bit odd! When you were diagnosed with stage 1b 18 months ago what treatment did you have?
Were you given an "All clear" following your treatment?
What is your follow-up plan?
I'm asking you all this because normally following a diagnosis the patient is watched like a hawk and your experience seems to sound very hit-and-miss. Is there anything you have left out telling us?

Be lucky :-)