Xmas has come early

Had a scan last week, results today

All clear


Brilliant news, so pleased to hear this! You can have a wonderful Christmas now! x

Such wonderful news, I’m so happy to read this I often think of you and hope things are going well for you.

Mel xx

Just the best news Phileepa and after all you have been through. Santa's best present ever!!

Fabulous news so happy for you...x


How bloody fantastic!  All set for a gorgeous Christmas!


Oh Philleepa that is fabulous news, so pleasedj for you.

Christmas will be wonderful & you can relax & enjoy it

Flo xx

Brilliant news 

Santa knows you've been good! :-)

Champagne corks popping for you here (Gotta be nicer than retsina! ;-)

(((((HUGE HUGS)))))

Stay lucky :-)

Well done xxx

Hi Phileepa


Congratulations I am delighted for you ...your posts were very helpful to me when I was going through treatment I often referred to them and they were very imformative, do you mind me asking was this your first or second scan post treatment I had my twelve week post treatment pet scan on Monday and the consultant is happy with it but he didnt tell me it was all clear I think im having another scan in February...thank you

Thank you everyone  x feel so relieved 

Hi siom 


This was my 3rd scan post treatment . 

I finished my treatment in February and had my 1st scan in may, second in august and 3rd last week .  

1st scan showed no convincing evidence of tumour but they thought it was scary tissue and left it to see if it changed between then and the 2nd scan

2nd scan and 3rd scan showed no change and as far as they are concerned it's gone x 

I'm back in February too so it means that we can both relax and have a wonderful Xmas x 

Congratulations!!! xx

Amazing!! Merry Christmas xxx 

Just wonderful news and wonderful Xmas it will be for you x

Congratulations, that's fantastic news! :)

Congrats! Lovely to hear a success story xx

Great news! Have a lovely Christmas x