Wowsers, 6 monthly coming up!

Hi everyone,

I had LLETZ on 1st June (had previously had LLETZ back in 2003 for CIN III). My results in June were CIN III with clear margins - go me!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown past!! On the 30th November I go for a 6 month follow up colposcopy and am getting a tad nervous. I'm hoping some of you can perhaps share some positive stories following your 6 months follow up or at least bombard me with some reassuring facts.

I check out the forums regularly as it's great to hear how you're all getting on. It's especially nice to see that some of the sisters who were going through it all at the same time as me are still active on the board - peeps like Moggsy so a big shout out to you!

Any positivity you can give me would be super good!

Much love & peace,







Hi Peanut :-)

Yup, I'm still lurking here! The forum was such a help to me when I started all of this and was in flat out panic mode that I want to try to help a few folks down the line if I can.

I was bit behind you on the timeline due to delays for my hols and then the switch to GA, so I wasnt done until 31 July in the end. Can't really tell you anything about 6 month checks as a result, but will keep fingers crossed for you. Stats say something like 95% will only need the one LLETZ and that often subdues the HPV too .... let's hope we both fall into that category, eh?