wound bleeding or period?? pls help


Hello everyone...

I had my LLETZ procedure under general anaesthetic on 11/6/14 and im still bleeding 3weeks later. Im actually due on my period but dont know how to tell if its my period or blood from my wound healing. I dont always get period pains so cant use that as a guide. Can anyone help please?




Hi Daisy, I had Lletz 2 weeks ago, and i have been bleeding for a couple of days then it goes away then it comes back, or brown discharge, then i got an infection, im on mini pill so i dont get periods, reading on here i think it can take 4 - 6 weeks for the bleeding to stop and get back to normal, i just think our bodies are going thru the healing process

Good luck with ure results xx



Hi Daisy1985,

I've been lurking and stalking this forum for the last 3 months but your query finally plucked up my courage to respond!

I had a NETZ and hysteroscopy procedure (NETZ similar to LLETZ apparently) the day after you under general anaresthetic too!

I am also still bleeding (first week was very little, second a little more and this third week has been more gloopy (sorry if TMI!) when I go to the toilet.  Like you, I am not sure if some of it could be a period because mine are so irregular (especially since having an ectopic pregnancy in February).

The poor colposcopy nurses have been getting a call from me each week but said not to worry about any bleeding until after 4 weeks or if you are soaking throgh a pad every hour.

So, basically I haven't helped with your question but I just wanted to say I am in exactly the same boat as you and I have found some comfort in knowing I am not alone!

Hopefully we'll both stop soon!


Hi Ladies,

I bled for just over 5 weeks after my lletz and this was after continuing to take my pill straight through so I didn't come on my period.

It's normal up to 6 weeks after, any more than that, or if its so heavy you changing your pads constantly then go and see your gp.

Hope your recovering well :) xx

Hi girls,

Thank you for your responses...it is comforting having other people to discuss these issues with. Hope you all are doing well. Lots of hugs. Daisy :)

Sorry to ask a pretty gross question, but is your blood more mucousy like discharge?  Mine seems to be (for the last week and a bit) and still very bright red (occasionally rusty coloured).

I'm just hoping it scabs over soon but worried it seems to be constantly moist (sorry again!) so how can it dry out?!

I've started cycling and doing yoga again as I can't not do some sort of activity and was told this is ok but now concerned this isn't probably helping (although not high impact).