Would like to hear about pregnancy stories post trachelectomy!

hi girls,

would love to hear some positive stories from people who got pregnant after a trachelectomy. 

Need some positive vibes as it's getting me down and being over 35, I would have to pay for any fertility treatment. In fact if anyone has any useful guidance about fertility treatments that would also be fab-o.


Hi Gilly

I had a healthy baby girl two years ago (at 34) after a trachelectomy I would speak to your consultant to see if you can be sent for fertility treatment. I was about to start ivf when I fell pregnant naturally but my gynae doc tried to pass a small tube through my cerclarge to see if an embryo transfer was possible and im sure she unblocked me! (Sorry can't think if a nicer way to put it!) as I fell pregnant the month after naturally, I'm convinced scar tissue had grown over the stitch! 

my doc happily sent me for ivf treatment after I had been trying for a year to conceive and I would be hopeful your age wouldn't be a factor as you are under 40 so the success rate is still good. Plus you've had bloody cancer! Give the girl a break!! Dig your heels in! The beauty of a trach is that you can have kids after it, AND a lot of doctors are genuinely interested in helping you out as trach patients are still pretty rare so they often welcome the challenge (or at least that has been my experience) so you need to push the doctors to be seen if you think you need help conceiving. Perhaps a friendly gp could refer you or an email to your original consultant might get the ball rolling? 

You could also look at artificial insemination which i think is about £750, so cheaper than ivf IF you need to pay for it and that might be the only help you need if you do have scar tissue growing over the cerclarge. 

While you are waiting to be referred, I was also using a lubricant called 'preseed' to concieve as we don't have a cervix we don't produce as much (or any) cervical mucus. I think I bought it from amazon. this is a sperm friendly lube. Might be worth a go

Don't feel down heartened, it does and can happen! You can do this.

keeping everything crossed for you. I hope this has been a little bit helpful and shout if you have any questions.




Thank you Hannah! Why did you think you had scar tissue? Did you have trouble when you got your periods?  mine have been fine, if anything they are less painful post op! So I hadn't considered this as an option.  I was assuming that if my period comes out, then the sperm can go in! Lol! 

Im going to speak to my GP about fertility help, but reckon I'll have to pay. My next consultant appointment isn't for a few months so I'll speak to them if things haven't happened by then!


thanks for the lube tip! I'll order some now!! 



Glad I’ve been some help! 

My periods were fine after the tac but once the gynae poked a tube through (which was soooo painful!) i had some ‘pulp’ come out over the next few days with my period. Sorry if anyone is eating and reading this!!! So I believe it was scar tissue. Might have been a total coincidence that I fell pregnant the next month but definitely something that might be worth mentioning at your appointment. 

We are now trying again with no joy so far so I have an appointment in March to see what the options are. 

The little swimmers just probably need some help getting in! 

Good luck! 

Hi girls, I'm in same boat had tracelectomy 2012 been trying last 18 mi this or so properly to conceive ( newly married too ) 1 year im turning 31 this year.

My periods where absolutly fine prior to cancer during the cancer after the cancer they have always been like clock work, so timing and ovulation not been a problem yet nothing no positive pregnancy test.

I'm about to give up i even had a little procedure to check all my tubes clear scar tissue removed etc and always keep being told we are good to go and to crack on yet month by month period arrives.

I did read up tho that after tracelectomy sometimes because we dont have a cervix thag we don't produce the cervical mucus that traps and leads the sperm to the right place.

So i have juat invested in pressed its a lube to help people conceive when they not producing cervical fluids.

I tried it 1st month nothing then I gave up all hope but im back being positive again so purchased another bottle to try this month.

Here's hoping for us all.


When you first conceived was it after the tracelectomy and did the pressed work at all.

Thanks x x x 

Pressed! Ok I’ll try that!

Anyone had any luck yet? Still not pregnant... about to have IVF. :-/

I’m 24 weeks pregnant now -second tac baby. Happened naturally after about 8 months of trying. I swear it was the preseed that worked again. 


Hope the ivf happens quickly, keeping everything crossed for you!