Would it be seen if it was cc

Would it be seen on ultrasound or on colcoscopy if it was cervical cancer? 


How ow obvios would it be if it was at a high stage 


I'm so worried waiting for biopsy results 


please advise anyone :(

Hi Spiros, 

During the colposcopy, they can probably see a tumor, either with a microscope or without. Mine was visible without a microscope. It is possible to have cancer and not see it during the colposcopy. I'm not sure if it can be seen during ultrasound. 

Hope this helps.


Would it be early stage at worse if it can't be seen on colposcopy? What if it's further up the canal xx

Bless you, you really are very anxious about this. I wish there was something I could do or say to relieve some of your anxiety for you. The truth is that no-one knows. Like Niki my tumour was is visible without the need for a microscope. I think I am right in saying that we have both been staged the same at 2b cc (middle of the road) and curatively treatable. I think they can see further up the cervix on colposcopy but I don't know for sure. 

All our stories are so different and varied so it is impossible for any of us to tell you based on the info given on here whether you have cc. I really do wish you the best of luck and hope for your sanity and peace of mind your results are available soon. 

Good luck

Rachel x

Hi hun, mine was further up the cervical canal and was seen on an ultrasound. It was 3cm. 

Lea xx

Hi Spiros,

If it can't be seen at colposcopy that should mean either that it is tiny and very early stage or that it is up inside the canal as it was with both me and Lea (though mine was big and visible as well). If it is hidden from view at colposcopy but is not tiny and very early stage then it will be visible to ultrasound.

Please try not to be quite so frightened, I know it's difficult.

Be lucky :-)



You are all incredible going through all what you have and are here to support others.


you are all in my thoughts and thank you kindly for your replies xxx