Would it be bad news after this long?


Has my colposcopy and LLetz on 12th December after high grade smear result. It’s now 4 weeks and I called the hospital Monday and asked if the results were back and the receptionist said yes but the dr hasn’t looked yet. It’s Friday and still nothing in the post.

How likely is it to be bad news after 4 weeks?

I always like to think that no news is good news - I'd try to take it as a good sign. The waiting is hard though. Hopefully they get back to you quickly now you've waited 4 weeks and chased them up. Good luck, hope all comes back ok xx

I imagine if you haven't heard back its good news. I would think they would be in order of priority and if they are back and the doc hasn't looked at them it should be ok. Hope you get the results soon and all is ok.