Would I have heard by now if it was cc?

Did anyone get called immediately after there colposcopy with their diagnosis because they had rushed it through? Or did you wait over two weeks for the results also?? 


Thanks everyone.... Your support is unbelievable xxx


im on holiday at the moment so this is appreciated 

I think you would of been called by now if anything serious (just a guess though). I phoned for my results this morning as it would be 3 weeks on Thursday And she gave them over the phone (cin1 & hpv). I think they can tell a lot from colposcopy but obviously it's done by eye and subjective of the person doing it. Wishing you all the luck in the world and hope you receive the results really soon. X

Thank you very much.


did they tell you during the colposcopy what they thought it would be? Xx

I think it likely that longer than a two week wait is good news. My mum in law works in a hospital and I know that they have a two-week pathway thing where cancer is involved, which basically means they have to get a shift on!

Keeping everything crossed for you, and I hope you can enjoy the rest of your holiday in (relative) calm

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I was in such a rush to get it all over and done with that I didnt ask any questions or really listen to anything they said during the examination. 

But I did receive a letter on Friday from the colposcopist to my gp saying they found the same findings from the colposcopy as the smear and they will write in due course with the biopsy results. 

Hi ladies,

I'm new to the group in the same situation been waiting three weeks so far for my results. I am hoping no news is good news. Hope we all get our results soon very stressful time waiting.

I'm a great believer that bad news travels faster than good! Try giving your gp a call. they get sent to the gp's electronically so they get them before the letter goes out.