would a lletz pick up ovarian problems too?


Tbh the question is in the title lol!

I recently had a lletz (just patiently waiting for the results ;) )

Thing is I saw a post the other day and now I can't find it explaing symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Something I hadn't even concidered until she mentioned constant pee breaks up to once an hr and pain during sex and being bloated.

I have previously been diagnosed with a short urethra (yrs ago)

But since having my lg two yrs ago my need to pee can be up to once an hr (I thought this was normal).

When I went to see the consultant for the 2nd cone biopsy I mentioned to her pain in my left side during inter course (I put it down to having a csec and maybe being stitched up funny) she said that I might need to see my gp and be referred back another day.

But with all these other 'woman' issues going on I put it aside for another time. But I was just wondering if there was anything dodgy going on around the corner do u think she would have had a peak? As I have since been back again to her for the lletz. 

Or whether it would have naturally been picked up on.

Any advice is good advice,  I am probably being silly but u don't know til u ask.


Thanks everyone and good luck with your battles too xx

I researched this recently as I too get a pain in my lower right side during/after sex, and it said its impossible to see any ovary related illnesses through a colposcopy/smear. So unfortunately you would need to be referred by different tests for that. I haven't taken the plunge yet myself, taking one thing at a time :-/

You're not being at all silly at all. We'd be a lot sillier if we ignored symptoms. Put your mind at rest and have a word with the GP xx