Worth Highlighting

Hi All,

The run up to my diagnosis was a very rocky road. with several procedural and clinical errors made along the way.  I won't go into specifics, but I wanted to raise awareness & highlight that if you feel there have been errors made in your treatment, it is worth lodging a complaint.  

If I hadn't been on the ball and phoned my consultants secretary, I would have dropped out of the system altogether, and would be walking around completely unaware I had cancer.

I did lodge a complaint on several issues.  The hospital concerned carried out a RCA - Root Cause Analysis review into the matter.

 I was invited to a meeting to discuss the findings. The hospital admitted to several errors being made, and apologised unresevedly for any distress this had caused.  I was informed that as a result, new procedures were being implemented which would prevent such an occurrence again, meaning no other woman would have to go through what I did at that hospital.  

I was also informed, as a result of my complaint, 2 members of staff (1 a Consultant) would receive further training. 

I had several reasons for complaining, none of which were for compensation !!! No amount of money can change what's been done.

1. I wanted the hospital to admit their errors.

2. I wanted an apology for the problems & delays I had to suffer

3. To ensure no other woman would go through the same at that hospital.


You can't change what happened to you, unfortunately, but you can make a difference for other patients who will follow.

Feisty xx


Nice attitude :-) Thanks.