worst experience of my life

Just had my colposcopy. The doctor was awful. Didn't ask or want to know about any of my medical history and just got on with it. He didn't explain anything.  I'm really upset about it. It was really painful and I had to ask at the end what he actually did. Said he did biopsy and loop excision under LA. 

none of my questions I had got answered as he didn't allow me to ask them.  Sorry rant over. Xxx

Eeek that sounds dreadful.  I'm so sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience. My doc was a little... brisk... but nothing along those lines.

If you're not sure about what's happened, and you don't want to ask the clinic about it, you could always ask your GP to contact them on your behalf and get all the details?  That's also useful 'cause they can translate any medical jargon.

Im in so much pain it feels like im in labour and been sick. Consultant has got me to rush to gp. I would rather be in labour right about now xxx

Hiya I saw your post on the other thread of yours, I cant believe a doctor could be like that, especially as its not a pleasent thing to have to go through. Hope youre ok

Louise xx

Hey there

My doc didnt have the best bed side manner, but she did go throught things.

I also felt like I was in early labour.Like mild contractions. I can assure you it doesn't last. I remember my fiance had to park out of hospital grounds as the carpark at hospital is a nightmare...the walk was horrible. I was pushing my one year old in his buggy as he had to come with us and I remeber leaning on it mhile walking and groaning in pain....people probably thought I was a crazy person!

The doctor I went to see and the consultant I spoke to on the phone were panicking.  The gp rang gynae on call and said he doesn't think my pain was due to the treatment but down to my pre existing promblems I have. And hopefully the biopsy will give me an answer.  I genuinely thought I was going to give birth again. I have been given codeine . But having to take them every 4 hours with paracetamol otherwise the pain goes up to a 10 again. Xxx

Oh sweetheart I am so sorry to hear this xxxxx

 HavE  email PALS This is what the message said.

     I am writing to ask for some advice as I do not know what to do. here is my story so you can understand.I have been suffering from irregular periods for 4 years which have gotten worse and now have bleeding after sex and examinations, cramps and backache everyday, watery discharge. i have worn a sanitary towel every day for 4 years now.i had internal and external ultrasound scans which came back clear.i had a bladder function test due to thinking that watery discharge was urine, which came back clear also.doctor had said they don't know what it is. which made me feel to give up and just get on with the pain and bleeding.i have just turned 25 and had my first smear and thought well this might be a good thing and give me an answer. i was told this would not give me an answer.smear test done and nurse noticed lesions.smear test results - severe Dyskaryosis. colposcopy booked.had my colposcopy on 12th June and It was the worst experience of my life. the doctor didn't explain anything and nor did he let me ask questions. it was the most painful thing ive ever experienced. after the pain got worse and worse and felt like i was having full blown contractions. i rang the colposcopy clinic and spoke to another doctor and explained i was in a lot of pain and they got me in to see my gp straight away. my gp then phoned the gynae in local hosp and he said he didn't think it was down to lletz but my pre existing undiagnosed symptoms. i was given codeine and sent on my way. im still in a lot of pain now but not as much as i was then. just seems that no doctor wants to listen to me or give me a proper reason as to why i have had all these on going symptoms for so long. all i want is to be out of pain and have an answer. if my biopsy comes back saying just cin3 then im back at square one. with no idea as to what is truly wrong with me and there is no way i am going back to my gp practice as no one is listening to me. im just getting so fed up with it all now.what else can i do? who can i see? who will listen? what to do next?

Hopefully someone will listen xxx