hi, I am new to the site, I had my first smear test on 21/03/14 and had a letter last Wednesday saying I have high grade dyskaryosis and have a colposcopy booked for 28/04/14 but I really want to have it sooner as I am so worried about it all! Also do you think you can feel your own cervix and know if it is abnormal or not? Might sound like a silly question because I suppose I wouldn't know what was normal or not? I just can't cope with all the waiting! Do you think the fact I am having to wait 5 weeks between smear and colposcopy is a good sign? Or does it just depend? My mother in law thinks if it was anything serious they would have me straight in? I just don't know what to think. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. 

Kelly x

Hi Kelly 

your mum in law is right they would have you in sooner rather than later if they thought it was more try not to worry Hun it will be over with before you know it xx

Hello Hun, this site is a god sena try and stick to it, do not google!! The wait you have between your smear to your colposcopy is normal, everyone will wait toughly the same for this unless something else was seen at the smear. Also depends on where you are and how busy they are etc. High grade dykaryosis will usually turn out to be CIN 2 or most likely CIN 3. Yet many lady's son here have had a high grade dykaryosis smear and then normal biopsys. Please try not to worry too much though, it's all new to you at the minute but once you get your head around it all and the way it all works it makes sense and reassures you. As for the waiting bit I'm sorry but this is gonna be the hardest bit of it all, just to give u an idea my smear was I January and my colposcopy was on the 7th feb, had to wait 3-4 weeks for the results of that, then when I had the results CIN 2/3 I had to wait then for my lletz on the 27th march, and now I'm waiting for the results of that :/ you might be able to ring the clinic and ask if they have cancelations as they will have many ladies cancel due to them being on their period or something. So I know many places can get you in sooner obviously if you ring daily hopefully they can get u in sooner. Another tip, they may offer you treatment on the day of the colposcopy, if they do then plz do that, it will cut around 8weeks wait off for you as you won't have to wait for biopsy results and then treatment appointment. The treatment is not bad at all. None of it is, not nice but I'd happily go through it again. It's the waiting that's the hard bit. Sorry for the essay (carried away lol) xxx

Hi, thank you for your reply. I suppose I'm just over thinking it all, it's just I see some women have had to wait weeks and then find out they have cc and other in quick and just have the llletz and that's it, bad cells gone. I just hate the waiting. I am going to try and call tomorrow for an earlier appointment if possible. Thanks agin for your reply :)


Hi gem gem, thank you so much for your reply, this forum really is amazing and is helping me a lot by reading though everyone's experiences. It's so hard because sometimes I feel like I can't talk about how I'm feeling to friends and family as they seem to think I'm being silly so I am trying to just keep it all to myself. Your reply is a help to me, at least I don't feel like the only person waiting and as for the lletz, I will certainly have it done if it is offerd at the colostomy appointment. 

Thanks again Hun :)

Fully agree it's the waiting that's hard I had my LLetz done last Wednesday and would go thru it all again shame they can't tell us the results there and then ! Saying that I did say do I have cancer and she said ATM it looks like cin3 and hope to have got it all with clear margins everyone at the hospital was

lovely ! Just take one day at a time Hun think that's what got me thru xx

No problem, iv just read back my reply and it was abit messy and blabbery (if that's even a word) lol plus my iPhone decides to change words and letters so I appologize for that ;) 

I know what you mean about being able to talk to people about it, my mum came with me to all of my appointments yet I don't want to tell her I'm worried as then she will worry more, my partner doesn't really seem to understand it all and I don't want to go into too much detail with it as its not exactly attractive explaining the after effects of the lletz (bleeding and discharge) he has been ok but once again I don't think he realises I'm waiting for results to see if I have CC, he hears me say I'm ok and that's that. But the ladies on here are amazing, honestly I don't know what I would have done without this site and the fab women on here. So if u ever need a chat, or rant, or advice then this is the place ;) xxx

Yes my mum is coming with me to my appointment and she is being very supportive to be honest, I just don't wanna keep going on about it to her because I think it will worry her more than maybe necessary. It's the same withme and my partner, he doesn't really have a clue and hasn't really said anything about it so I'm just Getting on with it really, it's just deep downi feel a bit trapped until I know exactly what's going on. Fingers crossed I can get an earlier colposcopy! Don't think I can handle 2 weeks :( xxx

Aww well good luck with trying to get an appointment earlier. Maybe ring everyday around lunch time as people will probably ring and cancel in the mornings. Or ask them if you can leave your details so if someone cancels you will take the appointment. Good luck Hun xxxx

Hiya waiting is the hardest part of it all, Iv been a little lucky I had my smear got the results a week after 

a week after that I had my colposcopy about two weeks after I had my results then 

 more waiting for an appointment for Lletz and I'm now waiting for my results of that lots and lots of waiting

this site is a god send as all the ladies on here are here for similar reasons

iv looked through this whole site and there is more people with abnormal cells being removed

then actual CC diagnosis xxx

Just called them and no luck with an earlier appointment, think I will just have to be patient. :(

Keep calling them everyday and ask them to put you down in case of

a cancellation xx

It's absolutely true. If they were really that worried, they would rush you through for an earlier appointment. That's just one of the joys of Britain - we get used to politely waiting for our turn. As Nicola says, just keep calling every day as I'm sure it's not unusual that they get cancellations and the people at the clinics are LOVELY and so professional that they can sympathise with your worrying. I was fairly "lucky" in that I had my smear on 27/03/14, results of high grade dyskaryosis on 02/04/14 and had my colposcopy with LLETZ treatment and biopsy this morning. The nurse said I should expect my results before 02/04/14. See I almost have the opposite problem as everything has moved along so quickly that I'm panicking they've found something but keeping it to themselves.

I agree with the other ladies though and say DON'T GOOGLE! You've obviously used it to get as far as finding this site but there is so much scaremongering out there it's not worth putting yourself through it. Stick to the info on here as these are real women talking about real experiences. It makes you realise how common abnormalities are and how efficient the NHS is with treating these things. x