Worrying whilst waiting

Morning all


So tomorrow will be 3 weeks since lletz and what a journey.. (TMI coming up so apologies in advnace)


Ive had watery foul smelling discharge

Extreme Bleeding and clots

Feeling faint, dizzy, light headed and pounding headaches

prescribed metronidazole 200mg x3 daily for 7 days

Fury tongue side effect of antibiotics, dehydration side effect

and gennerally fed up.


so now the panic is setting in.. the consultant told me that she thought cells removed would be fine and that by what she can see I have nothing to worry about however I am now worried and panicking that when I finally ever get my results that the biopsey will show the dreaded C :-(

I am sick of feeling happy one day and then in complete utter sheer terror the next! waiting for these dreaded results is heart wrenchiing and making me feel sick!


could after 3 weeks I get the awful news or is as the saying goes 'no news is good news'????


really could do with a hug




Hi Char

No news is extremely likley to be good news.  I was brought in within 2 weeks for my appointment and that was over the Xmas/New Year period so was probably even delayed due to that.  I was diagnosed with cc 1B1 after a Lletz.  The liklihood of this happening to you is absolutely tiny though - partocularly since you haven't heard anything yet.  Perhaps give the clinic a ring to see if your results are in.  Sometimes they will give you them but depends on where you live.  And your symtpms sound like a classic infection - hopefully your antibiotocs will clear it up 

Hugs xx

Hi Nellie


Thank you for responding, I did have an infection and the antibiotics kicked in almost immediatly so I am feeling better.


I am going to give them a call now because I just cant take the panic and waiting any longer..



I hope you are able to get them, just explain how much it is affecting you - I am sure all will be fine and you will be massively relieved xx  Keep us posted. 

now I am even more panicked!


I rang the clinic and results are in however receptionist cannot give them to me as she does not understand them! Dr has to look at them and then write to me in next couple of days..


my hands are shaking and the nerves are piling on.. feel physically sick..


OMG thisis awful

Hello I'm just like you. i have been waiting 3weeks tomorrow. It's driving me crazy not knowing. Please write back and let us know how your phone call goes so I know if there is hope for me to ring to see if they have mine. Where do you come from? x

Hello I'm just like you. i have been waiting 3weeks tomorrow. It's driving me crazy not knowing. Please write back and let us know how your phone call goes so I know if there is hope for me to ring to see if they have mine. Where do you come from? x

Who do you even ring I can't find any numbers to call? X

Don't panic Char.  Often they have a policy at the hospital where they will not give results over the phone - no exceptions. This is why I siad it depends where you live. The nurses/resecptionist say that they are not qulalified or do not understand the results.  If there was anything desparately wrong I am sure they would have arranged an appointment for you there and then.  It will just be their policy of not giving results.  At least you know you will be getting a letter over the next couple of days. xxxx

Try not to worry hun, like Nellie has said a lot of receptionist are qualified and don't understand medical jargon, and most places including Drs won't give results over the phone xx


I got a phonecall exactly 2 weeks to the day after my LLETZ to be told I had CC. I would certainly think that "no news is good news" in your case. Think positive x


thank you, yes at least I will have my results soon and in the mean time I am going to try and take deep breathes..I will keep you posted as and when x



I rang the hospital colposcopy clinic. I have heard that you can contact your GP though x

Hey hun,


I live in andover and have been seen at winchester hospital.. how about yourself?



thank you all for your responses


I hope you all receive good news soon





I am sorry to hear of your news, have you started your treatment? how are you x

Hello I have just rang the doctors they said my results are in but the lady on the desk doesn't understand them so waiting for her to call back.x



Please keep us up to date. Ive got fingers crossed for you.


Hello lottied!

I am ok actually The "C" word is very frightening but early stage cervical cancer is VERY treatable. I am 37 with 2 kids so they said best treatment for me (stage 1b1) was a hysterectomy which I had done on October 15th. I am wiped out by the op but the consultant says it went really well with lots of healthy tissue remove around the cancer.

I know this is a very worrying time for you but I am sure you will be fine. If they had found cancer, i would be VERY surprised if your GP was waiting to find time to send you a letter. Stay positive hun xxx

I had a lletz in march following abnormal smear - they foung high grade CGIN and I had a cone biopsy on 11 Aug the results went to MDT on 16 sept and im.still waiting to hear !!!