Worrying unnecessarily...?

Hi all,


I just want some reassurance that I am worrying about nothing!


Earlier this year (April), I had some brown discharge for the week after my period. This happened again a couple of times in May, so I took myself down to my GP, who examined me and took a swab.

She referred me on to a gynae and I decided to go private. When I went to see the gynae in June, he asked me about my periods, my pill (I'm on Ovranette) and did an internal examination, where he said my cervix looked a bit swollen. He also asked me about my smear (done Mar 2014) which came back normal. He said that the swab my GP had taken had shown that I had a lot of coliforms (?) in my vagina which are bacteria, and prescribed me two weeks of antibiotics.


Since completing my course of antibiotics in June, I have not had any further breakthrough bleeding/bleeding between periods. I went back today to the gynae for my follow up appointment and said that I hadn't had any more bleeding. He seemed satisfied and said to come back if anything else happened.


My question: should I be concerned that he didn't do another smear on me? Or that he didn't do another internal today at my follow up? I think I've just freaked myself out...the likelihood is that the bacteria irritated my cervix I suppose? If it were anything more serious/severe, would I be continiung to have symptoms?


Any views would be great,



The fact you're under a gynae already means that they're in the best position to know what's going on from their investigations. A lot of people get hung up on having smears when there can be lots of reasons for gynae symptoms. Bacterial infections are extremely common and are not (as far as I'm aware) related to abnormalities. If you're thinking of HPV, that's viral rather than bacterial. 

Probably the best thing is to ring your gynae and say you're wondering if you should have had a smear and take it from there. They will be able to explain their thinking and discuss your concerns with you, as they have medical knowledge and know you. It sounds like they've already encouraged you to go back if you have further problems, and so I'm sure they'll be happy to talk to you if you're still worried.

All the best to you.