Worrying Timelines

Hi all

Hope you’re taking each day with a ray of positivity…

Please What are your timelines from smear test to diagnosis? Google has brought me here last week and found myself reading your posts for hours every night so I thought to reach out tonight…

I have no diagnosis yet but so far my journey is:

2018 - low grade CIN

6 Aug 2021 - routine smear
15 Aug - got a text about a colposcopy appointment
25 Aug - Colposcopy with possible Llez. Nurse said “cervix is not playing ball’ so she needs me back under GA for lletz

Got text message after 3 hours on same day for

7 Sep - Pre OP Assessment
12 Sept Covid Swab
15 Sept - Lletz under GA

What is everyone’s timeline? Im freaking out tbat mine is moving way too quick and dreading GA… do they give results if there is CC after the Lletz?:persevere:

7 Sept - Seeing patients in pain in waiting room and one other sobbing with hysterectomy option made me think that I am on the same unfortunate path so I asked pre op nurse if I had CC.

To which she looked at my record and printed the colposcopy notes for me:

25 Aug - Severe Dyskaryosis high risk positive (high grade/CIN) and “as access is limited, need to do lletz under GA - patient to be contacted by Cat 6 team”

Having read positive results here is very encouraging so thank you all for sharing your stories…

To keep my mind focused on happy thoughts, I chose apple pie as it is a fave mcdonald’s treat…just reading the word makes me smile and appreciate life’s simple joys😅

Hi there, you are literally my twin dates wise, mine is on Tuesday coming snd and a running the same course as you. I feel like it’s really fast too, be sure interesting to see what others are experiencing x

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Thanks for your reply… good to know Im not the only one… I guess the worry will be the same - worried if apts are taking too long and if quick, worried why are they too quick😅
Goodluck on Tuesday and hope it goes well for you xx

hey, i’m only 27 and i had severe dyskaryosis and HPV after always having normal smears. it all moved quickly for me too and i was given Lletz the same day as the colposcopy. My biopsy results showed CIN2 but no other abnormalities thankfully. i know it’s hard but try and stay positive. wishing you all the best xx

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Great thank you😊

How was your treatment? I had pretty smooth process on day surgery. I was at 730 appointment but taken in around 11:45. Was out under GA until 13:15 and then back out to ward. I got out around 6pm as I was too dizzy. Other than that all good so far - little bleeding but nothing major to be worried about… discharge letter says lletz done no complications — so I take that as good news!